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Ethio Bus Ethiopia Offices & Contacts For Enquiry Ticket offices address

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1.Meskele square amebesa building

2, piazza tayetu hotel

3,leghare yiha city center 1flower

For those of you who live in flowers and its surroundings, call on 0947909090, 0947919191, and 0947929292

For those who are in Hawassa and its surrounding 0966942369

For those in Gondar and its surrounding 0947292929

For Dire Dawa and surrounding areas 0947500000

For those who are in Debre Tabor and its surrounding 0947737373

For those in Woldiya and its surrounding 0947700000

For those in Kombolcha and surrounding areas 0947600000

For those of you in Dessie and the surrounding area 0947282828

Dilla and surrounding areas 0947727272

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